Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quick Catch Up

Hi everyone.

This is just a quick catch up tonight, no piccys I'm afraid, mainly because I haven't made anything apart from my Tag for Tuesday Taggers so far this week, I have however been having a crafty play with my new Cricut Expression Machine which arrived on Tuesday and it was up and running inside 5 so far I have finished off one scrap page that has been waiting for a title for about 18months, cut some leaf motifs that may form part of an altered mirror frame and generally had a good time just finding out what it can do.

This evening Kate and I went to see Harry Potter 6, which like the book is much darker than the previous films, I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but the special effects are as good if not better than ever, I thought it was worth going to see and just wonder how long we will have to wait for HP7. I will of course have to reread HP6 now to see what they left out of the film.

The other thing I have done today is to start to twitter, but its a bit quiet and lonely twittering to myself ( ok so there is nothing new in me talking to myself, I do it all the time, I just think I am actually trying to converse with my OH and DD....LOL) so if any one cares to join me on twitter I would love the company.

Bye for now

Bee xx


  1. Glad you are havin fun with your new toy. My cricut expression has been on the shelf for oaver a year now, except for a couple of tiny uses. I must get it working again lol.
    Sue x

  2. Can't wait to see your creations with your new cricut expression
    kate x

  3. Glad you've been playing even if you haven't been crafting if you get what I mean. Can't wait to see some of your creations once you've got the hang of it