Saturday, 20 June 2009

One more sleep...

and then tomorrow I'm off to Venice for three whole days, got to get up early in the morning and do my packing, I still haven't decided what to wear or what to take with me other than my sister in law Kate and both my Kate is by far and away the best member of my family to take on short city breaks as she enjoys looking at places in the same way that I do and doesn't complain when I insist on revisiting the same square or little back street time and again to take hundreds of photos.

Part of the reason for my indecision is that I have been checking out the venetian weather forcasts for the next few days and decided I liked the one provided by Thompson Holidays the best.......mostly sunny and warm, the others forcast rain and thunderstorms right through till Thursday...still I won't let getting wet spoil the trip.....but do I pack for warm and sunny or overcast skies, rain and thunder storms ?

The journal that I started making in the week has progressed a bit, I have now started to lay down background colour on the first few pages using distress inks but I have left the rest blank, I want to wait until I get back from the trip before I do any more.

The cold that I have had all week seems to be clearing up, I am certainly feeling better than I did and a few hefty doses of decongestants have also had a positive effect, thank goodness.

I haven't decided yet whether to take my little lap top with me, so I may not be around again until the end of the week, on the other hand you could find a daily report on my Venetian Vacation (and weather Broadband permitting.

Bye for now folks, see you when I get back, if not sooner.

Bee xx


  1. ENJOY! Look forward to hearing what you get up to.

    Sue xxx

  2. Hope you and Kate have a fab time in Venice xxx

  3. So glad you are feeling better Bee, and I lurrrrrrve the way you choose which weather report to listen to - ever the optimist !!! Hoping you and Kate have a wonderful time, can't wait to see all the pics and the progression of the journal, take care XXX

  4. will miss you too, but will try pop in soon to say hello and hopefully join you all soon. Have a 40th and 21st party to arrange so will get that out the way first
    take care hun
    kate x
    ps our iv cordinator says if your interested send her your cv xx