Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My latest project....

As I mentioned in my previous Blogg, I recently spent a pleasant afternoon mooching around IKEA, what I didn't mention was that I had stopped at Borders and Paperchase on the way..... all those gorgeous notebooks and other stationary !!!! I was really taken by some Travel Journals they had in, notebooks with partitions, pockets, envelopes etc all bound together.....but....I really didn't like the prices.......lol.....

After a bit of a rummage in my craft room and a little thought I came up with these bits and bobs.
As you can see I've cut front and back covers from mount board, cream pages and pocket shaped insert, I have made an envelope and tag from some 12 x 12 paper and punched grunge paper circles to make the closure, and found a couple of ATC holders that are the right sort of size, a few bits of metalware and some magnetic closures, complete my haul. I have put all the pages and inserts through my Bind-It-All ready to assemble when I have decorated it all.
It doesn't look much yet but it will be a very individual Travel Journal, all I've got to decide is whether I do Barcelona first (from my trip there 2 years ago) or Venice ...... decisions, decisions....lol
I've been out meeting with my NVQ candidates today, and then my Tuesday Torture Session at the Gym......I will one day be fit and at least thinner than I am now if not thin !!! so I haven't had time to play today, but I shall have a play tomorrow and see what evolves.
Bye for now.

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