Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Shoes Glorious Shoes !!

Hi Folks it's shoes and footwear of all sorts at Tuesday Taggers this week, I must admit that I have cheated and used a project I made a while ago, but there are lots of people who visit Tuesday Taggers who haven't seen what I did to my scruffy white shoes.........

So here they are again.

And yes I do still wear them on occasions. You can see more pictures of the work in progress here.

The main reasons for using a recycled project are that my life is very busy at the moment with starting up my Stampin'Up! Business and two very lively additions to the house hold, a three month old Jack Russel Terrier Pup who we have had for about a month now and who is just finding his feet and a Hunting Basset (A longer legged version of the Show Basset) who arrived a week ago, he is nine months old and has come to us straight from Hunting Kennels, he had never been in a car let alone seen the inside of a house or worn a collar or lead....lol....but he is very adorable, these troublesome twosome are known as Yuki and Bertie respectively (or Big T and Little T) and are leading us, our old dog, Patch and the four cats a merry dance at the moment.

One of the biggest problems is that Bertie has bonded with me in a really big way and has become an almost inseparable shadow, except when he and Yuki are getting into mischief together, he gets really anxious when he can't see me and isn't settling well at night, it takes me back to when my children were young......all those sleepless nights, I am sure he will settle in eventually, as he seems fast to learn what is expected of him, but for the moment I seem to be spending more time dozing on the sofa, than in my bed at night, just so the rest of the household can get some sleep, still it is early days.
I have had two Stampin' Up! workshops this week, both of which were great fun and went well, thanks to everyone who came and supported me, especially Kate and Emma, I really do appreciate your support. We all had a really good time, the demos and make and takes went well, and the time just flew, the orders have arrived from the warehouse and are on their way out to my first customers, now I just need to get my next lot of workshops organised.......
dogs willing....lol
Bye for now
Bee xx


  1. Sounds like you have your hands full hun! Those shoes look like fun though LOL
    Teri x

  2. Think I might have seen your shoes before but even so they are stunning, amazing and great fun. New family members how wonderful but a hand full by the sounds. xx Zoe

  3. I was one of the people who hadn't seen your shoes before... and i have to say they are totally awsome and i definatly need a pair of my own.. so so cool.. off now to see what other altered delights you have created

  4. I hadn't seen your fabulous shoes before and they are just gorgeous. Never mind the Stampin Up workshops you could set up a personalised shoe business or combine the too.

  5. Great shoes Bee and the dogs are cute! So glad to hear that your first workshops went well. Zoë

  6. Fabulous shoes, bet they turn a few heads when you wear them.
    Your dogs are adorable, they give so much love.

  7. Wow! Those are just wonderful! I love them. Good luck with the dogs. They sound like a lovely handful!

  8. Oh my, I just came across your blog and saw these absolutely FAB shoes! I absolutely love shoes, but I ADORE yours! Wasn't it difficult to properly stamp them? Great job!!

  9. I haven't seen your shoes before and I absolutely love them.Your dogs are adorable, I have a 4 year old Jack Russell and he still thinks he's a puppy, they're such fun and so lovable.xxx

  10. Bee i adore your shoes.... wow...wow... WOW... would they fit me?
    I envy you getting 2 new friends.... since my fable ( my darlin jack russell) died last Nov i have been lost. I know you and they will have a smashing life together.
    Hope you are keeping well.... i shall try to see you in august.... i'll let you know nearer the time what itinary my dad has planned for us!love lynx

  11. Love those fun shoes and the puppies are soo sweet together.