Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hello from the high seas.

Well Brittany Ferries actually. No pictures today I'm afraid as I am on my way home from a fabulous two weeks relaxing in the heart of Brittany. I am pleased to see that my scheduled blogs have appeared at the right times...... I would have felt such an idiot if I'd got that wrong, and huge thanks to those of you who have stopped by to look at my blogg or have left comments on my blogg, they really are appreciated.
I shall catch up with you all over the next few days, once I am home.

bye for now Bee xx


  1. Bee the only thing I will never go on is a boat....I think I went down with the Titanic...LOL...loved your project for TT, you girls are so talented, I trawled through the charity shops yesterday to find things to alter, used to just go in there for books....changed times eh....hugs Avril xxx

  2. Sounds like you've had a fab time Bee, can't wait to see the photos xxx