Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hi Everyone, I have had a lovely day, and learnt some new skills along the way. This morning I was at my regular scrapbooking class at Running With Scissors, another lovely double layout designed by Tracey Jackson, although there was quite a bit of fiddly cutting out to contend with, the end result was worth it. In the afternoon there was a crop as well so no pressure to rush pages just to get done by the end of the class. Unfortunately for my bank balance I tend to shop as much as I, my latest addiction being Copic Markers....there are just soooo many to collect!!! I end up buying a handful nearly every time I go into the shop.I also took the opportunity to pick Tracey's brain about my blogg (Tracey's blogg is ace) and the results of her clear instructions can be seen at the top of the page, I have now customised my Blogg Header, still a work in progress, but coming along. A spot of clothes shopping followed, I really don't have anything to wear at the moment as I have lost loads of weight..yay!! and my hot weather clothes are all far too big, I only bought a few basics, nothing really special, then home for a leisurely B-B-Q in the garden.

I've spent this evening editing my blogg header and browsing the internet. I've just found a Blank colour chart for Copics markers on the Web and sat and filled in all the colours I've collected so far so that I have a ready reference when I am using them, and no I'm not going to tell you how many that is (my OH might just read this.) I'm off now to have a look at the Bloggs I'm following,

Bye for now


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  1. Welcome to blogland

    Thanks for your company yesterday - as always, I am loving the way your header is looking, I take it my instructions weren't too cryptic lol, glad you got some new clobber, you are looking lovely Bee it is a shame to hide all your hard work under 'too large' layers

    Thankyou for the sweet comments too - much appreciated XXX